Vision & Values

Our VISION is that, through entrepreneurship and community wealth building strategies, participants in our programs are empowered to build resilient, sustainable, and equitably shared community wealth.

We bring the following VALUES to our work:

  • Inclusive – We give priority to people with barriers to financial self-sufficiency and with limited access to mainstream entrepreneurship and enterprise development support.
  • Person Centered – We meet our participants where we find them, help them articulate their business goals, and develop a customized work plan designed to help them overcome their specific challenges and move them toward success.
  • Focused on Fundamentals – We offer simple and effective approaches to enterprise development and community wealth building that are solidly grounded in business fundamentals.
  • Community Driven – We listen deeply to the needs expressed by the communities we serve and work collaboratively to co-create program models and community-based research.
  • Systemic  We are driven by holistic and collective action approaches that incorporate education, conservation, public health, workforce development and other disciplines.