Online Tool kit

Want to improve your business, but don't know where to start? We're creating an online tool kit to help you start you business from anywhere. 

Here are many of the tools mentioned in our First Step training. 

FIRST STEP manual, worksheets, and handoutS and CIE's Lean launch handbook

The First Step Worksheet Package, our complete First Step Manual and our Lean Launch Manual are available for download, for free, here. To reach the download page, please submit your name and email address below to continue. This includes our Grow Ready Checklist and all of the worksheets discussed in First Step.

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Licensing and Permits

(Not all cities are listed, please research your own city if it is not listed here.)

What business licenses do you need?

  • Washington State Department of Revenue Trade Name Registration Business License.
  • City Licenses for whatever cities you'll be doing business in. 
  • Food-related and other specialty businesses will need additional permits, for example from Public Health Seattle & King County.

Personal Finance and Credit

Food business resources

Licenses (Chart provided by Urban Food Link)

License Type Who needs it Fee, if any
EIN/Federal Tax Identification Number All businesses with employees free
Washington State Department of Revenue business license All businesses $24 for sole proprietors
City Business License All businesses within a city varies by city
Food Handlers Permit All individuals preparing food $10 for 2 years
Meat Cutter License All individuals cutting fresh meat $96
test + $66 license
Liquor License All businesses serving liquor varies
State Food Processor License Any business that processes food for wholesale $55-825
(depends on gross sales)
State Cottage Food License Any business operating under Cottage Food Processor Law (out of your own home) $230
FDA Food Processor License Any business processing low-acid and acidified foods for wholesale or retail. $25
per product & $400 training

This table is only provided as a guideline. Please contact CIE, your local city government, or Public Health for complete licensing information about your particular business.